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Early in this process, I called the groomers to see if there were any notes about injury.

I also went in there to see what they use to groom the dogs.

I have spoken to the store manager and he’s nice but I’m not getting anywhere with him. I don’t know EXACTLY what happened but I do know it happened while he was being groomed.

Apparently all of our records were mailed to their dog safety investigator but nobody can give me any contact information for this seemingly non-existent department. Like I said the manager is nice enough but I need action.

Pet Smart was founded in 1987 by Jim and Janice Dougherty as Pet Food Warehouse. In 1989, the company name was changed to Pet Smart. My dog, Dexter Losoya, was groomed at Pet Smart on October 12th.

Spoke to customer service in florida and they showed no remorse or concern think it is time to lauch law suit Reply Okay, I have given Pet Smart ample time to address an issue I presented to them.

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The first picture of him was also taken on September 28th. He is currently comfortable and will show signs of himself occasionally (being excited about his ball, greeting me at the top of the stairs and howl when he sees me. Had trouble getting a band aid and they showed no care and never followed up to find out how i was doing. I was attacked by a customers dog and bitten twice on my left hand.He can’t go up and down stairs so I carry him up and down our 12 steps that go from our high deck to our backyard.Since he’s been on Prednisone, he has to potty a lot so it’s an hourly, every-other-hour task.

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