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Related: Free Business Plan Template Download “You must have some kind of business background in order to run a business.You need to know how to keep records of transactions, salaries, expenses as well as the cash coming in”, says Tracey Lehmbeck, who has worked in the laundry industry for the last ten years.My staff is on a first name basis with many of our customers, and I put this down to good customer service!Word-of-mouth is the best advertising you can get, if the message is positive…and the most destructive if service is poor.However, as is the case with any business venture, it is recommended that entrepreneurs conduct thorough research into the industry by talking to laundry owners and reading trade literature.While formal experience may not be necessary, a background in machine repair or a knack for fixing machines helps.Owners who have experience with laundry equipment are able to cut down on the cost of repairs.

Even if you decide to hire employees and leave the customer relations to them, you still need good people skills to hire and supervise employees.In some instances, you many want to adopt alternate hours, especially if the market you serve or the location of the laundry lends itself to having its doors open at other times of the day.If you own an unattended coin operated laundry in an area that is close to a university, college, gym or business district you could operate on extended hours because students and some executives are notorious for keeping odd hours.You’ll also avoid the risk of customers slipping on wet floors or tripping over cleaning equipment.If you have a large or busy laundry, you may find that it requires cleaning twice a day.

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