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Alexa had played netball professionally until she was 22 before winning a double scholarship to study PE, sport and dance at Liverpool John Moores University. But soon a darker side emerged: when she didn’t get her own way, says Alexa, Nicola could become ‘a vile monster’. Every time I blocked her she’d call me from a no caller-ID number.‘This is all on record with the police. When you’re in it you don’t think.’But worse than this, as she said in court, was the constant threat of Nicola telling Alexa’s parents about their relationship.‘Me and Mum are the closest you can get, but it never felt like the right time to tell her because Nicola and I were always splitting up,’ Alexa says. ” And “your mum’s going to know everything”.‘I stayed with Nicola longer because she threatened to tell Mum.’Things came to a head in the November of 2014 during what was supposed to be a romantic night away in Blackpool to rekindle their relationship. ‘I told Nicola I didn’t want to be with her and that was it. I didn’t want Mum to find out like that so I texted her.‘It said, “I’m really sorry. Nicola’s not just my friend, I’ve been in a relationship with her.” She rang me straight back and said, “Come home, we need to talk.

‘She was the first girl I’d ever been with,’ she says. In court, Alexa produced hundreds of A4 pages of text and Whats App messages sent over a two-week period in which Nicola had called her a ‘fat ugly b**ch’, ‘****’ and a d**e.‘It’s just a snippet of what I went through,’ Alexa explains. She said she would tell Mum about us when we got back. It’s all right, don’t worry.”‘There was no form of anger from her. The last thing I wanted was an altercation on my mum’s street.

The verdict of the court could not have been clearer yet Nicola Lees continues to dispute pretty much every aspect of Alexa’s story.

She told the jury: ‘I went to her house with the intention to sort everything out and speak to her mum.

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