Documents not updating its timestamp in livelink 9 1

At the time today’s column was being written the Scripting Games had only been running for a few hours, and we’d already received several hundred entries, each of which still has to be tested, scored, and recorded.

Day 1 isn’t even half over yet, and we’re already way behind on tallying the results.

We then use this line of code, and the Get-Child Item Cmdlet, to retrieve a collection of all the files found in the folder C:\Scripts: Incidentally, AF, you noted in your email that you’d like the files to be sorted alphabetically.

Turns out that was something we could do with even less than minimal effort; by default, Get-Child Item returns its collection already sorted in alphabetical order.

What type of destination device are you copying to?

And then the third file will be assigned a timestamp one minute later than that, the fourth file a timestamp one minute later than the third file’s, etc. This: Mode Last Write Time Length Name ---- ------------- ------ ---- -a--- 2/13/2007 AM 89 1024.ps1 -a--- 2/13/2007 AM 56 1026.ps1 -a--- 2/13/2007 AM 133 1030.ps1 -a--- 2/13/2007 AM 99 1032.ps1 -a--- 2/13/2007 AM 146 1035.ps1 -a--- 2/13/2007 AM 68 1045.ps1 Which, all in all, seems to be just the thing you were hoping you would get. I was going to use the BC4 but if it cannot copy the modify date then I can't use it.I do see that if I copy a folder and it is empty that it retains the modify date, not sure what the difference is.What type of destination device are you copying to? If I use robocopy it saves the time stamps on folders including the modify date.Update: And which OS are you running BC4 beta on, and the source side? If I use BC4 from the same machine it does not retain the modify date.

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