Seinfeld george dating

George: try shaking it...(long pause) Well , Janet should be here any minute. hummmm her eyes, her mouth, nose Elaine: We know what a face consists of.

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AS Kramer steps out and comes in George: Haaaaaa!!! Kramer: I know you want me to keep my big mouth shut and that's exactly what I'm going to do.

Kramer; You know what woman I always thought you looked like; Leena Horne.

Jerry: George's girlfriend , Elaine thinks she looks like me but I think it's as you would say ,kookie talk.

Janet: We just got here George George: Well,,, it's getting dark. Kramer: yeah, she's a nice girl, kinda quiet though. Kramer: Well sounds like someone's having a bad day.

George; (nervous) All right now we're going bye bye. Don't tell a woman she looks like a man and George doesn't want to hear his girlfriend looks like me and frankly neither do I Kramer: Well how should I have "broached the subject" Jerry: You don't broach, you keep your mouth shut.

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