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On the other hand, the Liberal promise to look into some of the more onerous elements of certain laws affecting internet freedom passed under the previous Conservative government – specifically Bill C-51, the Anti-Terrorism Act – did not produce any significant results during the reporting period.Internet and mobile phone penetration rates continue to grow, although there are still geographic disparities related to internet access, reliability, and cost that especially affect more rural and remote areas.However, mobile broadband data remain expensive compared to fixed-line.

Furthermore, it declared that high-speed internet access should be considered a “basic telecommunications service” – a description previously attached only to landline telephones – and established a CAD 0 million fund to reach its targets.

The 93 percent figure includes 12 percent where availability was only via wireless services (HSPA and LTE), which are generally more expensive, especially as data usage rates increase.

Faster speeds, such as 30-49.99 Mbps, are only available in 31 percent of rural households, compared to 99 percent of urban households.

Canada is overwhelmingly urban, with 81 percent of the population living in urban areas.

affordable high-speed internet services are lacking in rural areas, especially in Canada’s vast northern territories, which are underserved by infrastructure generally, and telecommunications services in particular.

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