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Whenever you begin to have interest in someone new, you’re slapped in the face with the harsh realization that, “oh f*ck, I might be getting played.” Why?

Because for some reason, everyone has lost their balls. Whenever you speak to somebody that you find has interest in you, but you’re not interested in them back – what’s so wrong with telling them how you really feel?

But, for some reason, people cannot grow the f*ck up and act accordingly. So far, in 2017, I’ve seen about a dozen new “dating trends,” to sweep the internet and every woman’s inbox (trust me, I spend my entire life online).

There’s ghosting, breezing, bread crumbing, cushioning – I can keep going or, I can just puke in a bucket.

It’s one thing to completely ignore someone and leave them with no closure – it’s another to string them along pretending you’re into it when you know straight up – you’re not.

Long gone are the days of old when people would get married (young) to the only eligible person in the village.

There was also ‘cushioning’, that involves using one human to cushion the loss of another.

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They won’t cut all contact, of course, but you’re definitely not on the pitch – if you get what we mean.The average age at which people get married gets higher and higher, as people want to do everything (and everyone) first.Having sex with more people is a lot less taboo than it was before, and modern dating apps mean you can literally swipe through potential dates until you find one you like the look of.can be president and you can bring dogs in just about any public place.With so many movements forward in society, one would think as human beings, we’d progress along with civilization.

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