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The query string will be generated in the correct fashion, depending on the choice of "Method" you made (i.e. Also, if you are sending a file using a multipart form, the query string will be created using the multipart form specifications.

Or, instead of manually adding HTTP Requests, you may want to use JMeter's HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder to create them.If the request uses a technique called "URL Rewriting" to maintain sessions, then see section 6.1 Handling User Sessions With URL Rewriting for additional configuration steps. If the server response is sent in several chunks, the overall elapsed time may be longer than the timeout.A Duration Assertion can be used to detect responses that take too long to complete. If set, the JMeter sampler will check if the response is a redirect and follow it if so.where a browser would create a pop-up dialog box), you will also have to add an HTTP Authorization Manager Configuration Element. where the user enters login information in a form), you will need to work out what the form submit button does, and create an HTTP request with the appropriate method (usually ) and the appropriate parameters from the form definition.If the page uses HTTP, you can use the JMeter Proxy to capture the login sequence. If you want to use a single SSL context (not the standard behaviour of browsers), set the JMeter property: .

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