Boob dating games

Guest starring: Kyla Pratt as Lillie Simms, Richard Gant as Rev. begins to set up a campaign to run for school president, believing that it would take nothing to win. J.'s campaign flounders, he decides to have Marcus run in his place, thinking that he'd be a shoo-in to win, and then control him behind the scenes.

confesses to Marcus and Mo about what he did to them -- with Marcus and Mo putting their friendship back together and T.

finds out that it is actually Mo's hated teacher Mr. Meanwhile, Marcus tries to get noticed in the school play, even though his role has no lines. Bringleman, Jenny O'Hara as Principal Whitfield Co-starring: Victor Togunde as Cliff Moffatt, Nancy Arnold as Ms.

gets him to confess that he accidentally caused it by leaving a lit cigarette in the classroom.

claims that he does not want to go -- and they set him up with a girl his own age. But when everyone involved in the project complains about T. Meanwhile, Yvette falls for a hunky swimmer named Xavier, who's a little shallow -- and she stresses over if she is only into him for his body. Guest starring: Dann Florek as Coach Gerber, Liz Torres as Principal Maldonado Co-starring: Fred Applegate as Mr. Lang, Joe Colligan as Referee, Sebastian Tillinger as Terry, Jamal Hamilton as Opposing Player, Joshua Levey as Student #1, Maya Elise Goodwin as Valerie Title Reference: Above the Rim Feeling that it's time for his dad Floyd to start dating again, T. uses a computer dating service to hook Floyd up with a beautiful woman. Meanwhile, Yvette has second thoughts about quitting the cheerleading squad.

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