Macka and baeza dating

He started making music at around age thirteen, picking up hip hop production as a hobby.He soon started rapping over his own beats, and by seventeen he had decided he wanted to pursue music as a career.He owns a clothing company called Striktly Business Clothing.

Baeza supported the new album on tour with 2Chainz, and after the late 2013 release of Right on Time he was featured as an "artist on the way to the top" in The Fresno Bee.We had broke up and all these feelings just hit me...and when I go through real life stuff, I write them in a song and that's how it came about." For his 2013 Far From Ready tour Baeza performed thirteen stops in the United States with a DJ, ending the tour as a headlining act at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Fresno.He performed for a second time at the Fresno Veterans Memorial Auditorium to debut material from his new EP, Right on Time, which was his first studio album.The album was recorded at Tyme Studios in Fresno, and he described the project as being the first he had "sat down and made with a purpose," as compared to making mixtapes on the road.

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