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“Since it's not an especially negative stereotype it gets a pass,” says Freedman.

Yet, it is not so much the specific attributes associated with the “Nice Jewish Boy” that are the problem, but rather the way that this relatively tame trend plays into a larger trend of stereotype acceptance, promoting the idea that stereotyping is permissible as long as the associations are positive.

They come from good families that have a history of high education, and they're at least middle class.

There's also that thing about Jews being hard working and good with money, all attractive traits for a girl on the prowl.” Even though many people are happy to lightheartedly joke about the stereotype on Twitter and Facebook, the line between fun and fetish is a slippery one.

“I think since it's basically a positive stereotype we don't really fight it, even if technically it's not politically correct to generalize.” This is just the latest of a string of stereotypes about Jews; along with the thrifty Jew, the shopping-obsessed Jewish American Princess and the Jewish mother whose expertise in cooking is matched only by her guilt-tripping abilities, we now have the highly datable “Nice Jewish Boy.” While Elite Daily may have plenty of articles in which 20-somethings play up the Jewish American Princess stereotype, the “Nice Jewish Boy” stereotype is becoming even more of a cultural touchstone, particularly in costal cities with large Jewish populations like New York and Los Angeles.SEE ALSO: #Ferguson and #Blacklivesmatter Illustrate How James Baldwin’s Words Resonate More Than 25 Years After His Death Stereotypes are always harder to tear down when the stereotyped group begins relying on the stereotype as a kind of branding, but as educated global citizens, shouldn’t we know better than to make such sweeping generalizations that unfairly praise certain groups and censure others?Perhaps the “Nice Jewish Boy” is just the latest iteration of the “Nice Catholic Boy” or the “Nice Midwestern Boy,” but rather than continuing to allow cutesy branding and apparent innocence to excuse what we all know to be inexcusable. But I keep thinking I might draw unwanted attentions...... Especially an Asian guy in TX who was surrounded by a different breed of hotties so was enamored with the east coast Jewish chicks & their Yankee accents when I moved up to NYC for year and half. As a fellow Asian guy, I'm also very interested in Jewish chicks as well.

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