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Gays from lower classes and rural areas, where stigmatization is often most severe, rarely have the ability to move out of the house before marriage, let alone leave the country. there is generally little acceptance of homosexuality, but some middle- and upper-class Iranians have the means to create parallel lives, out of sight of their relatives or friends.

These people — men like Saeed — are the lucky ones.

Middle Eastern Crime Squad and Australian Federal Police officers conducted dawn raids on 32 homes scattered across Sydney on Tuesday, issuing 52 warrants.

Investigators arrested 17 people in three countries - nine men and one woman in Sydney, five men in Dubai and two men in The Netherlands.

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Coming out is simply something very few do, even in capital city, Tehran, where Saeed grew up.The raids mark the biggest police operation on organised crime in the last ten years.Police seized 1.8 tonnes of ecstasy, 136kg of cocaine, 15kg of methamphetamines and .45m - allegedly proceeds of crime.He flew into Sydney late on Monday night after holidaying in Los Angeles for a week.It's believed he was at his home when officers executed the early morning search warrant.

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