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**This club has no connection with the present Championship club. (There was an annual subscription of a guinea and alterations to rules or laws were to be advertised in sporting papers.) A useful discussion on drafting the laws took place at the third.There could be no authority without laws and six meetings took place in 44 days before the new Association could stand on its own feet. ‘Football’, they thought, would be a blend of handling and dribbling.‘Organised football’ or ‘football as we know it’ dates from that time.Ebenezer Morley, a London solicitor who formed Barnes FC in 1862, could be called the ‘father’ of The Association.*Civil Service FC, who now play in the Southern Amateur League’s Senior Division One, are the only surviving club of the eleven who signed up to be FA members at that first meeting in 1863, when they were listed as the War Office.

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Bears rookie safety Eddie Jackson made some history himself on Sunday, as he became the first player in NFL history to score multiple defensive touchdowns of at least 75 yards in the same game, according to ESPN, en route to a 17-3 victory over the Panthers.What happens when you ship one of the greatest running backs of his generation off to another team? The Saints did just that when they traded Adrian Peterson to the Cardinals.Since shipping former Purple Jesus off, the team has rushed for 181 yards and 193 yards, respectively, over the last two games.Amid the excessive fog, the certainly not-dead-yet Pats abused the Falcons (again), who have lost three straight after opening the season with three wins. The Falcons are only a game out of first place in the division.The bad news: The team faces tough matchups in three of its next four games: Jets (lol), the Panthers (on the road), Dallas (at home), and Seattle (on the road).

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