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Reviewd Dalian China: Technology Coordinator @ Dalian American International School.

THIS PAGE RESIZABLE FOR ALL DEVICES Conversational Analysis of Chat Room Talk PHD thesis by Dr.

Arising first through literary theory (Ang, 1996; Nightingale, 1996; Tulloch, 2001) this theorises the act of “reception” as richly interpretive, and as firmly central to any communicative act as the “production” of that text in the act of writing or media construction."In a hypertext environment a lack of linearity does not destroy narrative.

In fact, since readers always, but particularly in this environment, fabricate their own structures, sequences or meanings, they have surprisingly little trouble reading a story or reading for a story" "As readers we find ourselves forced to fabricate a whole story out of separate parts…

That chatrooms involve exchange more hastily done than in any other form of electronic talk-texting, and so therefore more likely to respond to and reflect back the particular pressures and influences of on-line communication (Spender, 1995) But how might such new forms of communication be captured, or new ways of thinking about communication itself be constructed?Are there common, “core” elements, present on all web-based chat sites?Are there specialist elements on specialist sites – and if so, is this limited to lexis, or does it extend to other elements of “texted talk”?as North American society developed over the 1950s, growing more rigidly scientific and managerial in its modes of thought, a more ambitious form of critical technocracy seemed demanded.” (1983, p. By the 1980s what emerged is what were called “the theory wars” – a period of theory debate which raged across all Western academic fields in the humanities and social sciences, but established only a loose consensus on a paradigm shift to poststructuralist or “postmodern” theories, without establishing a common set of epistemologies or investigative methodologies.Indeed, the position taken up within poststructuralist theory is in itself opposed to any possibility of stable or universal epistemology: see Foucault (1994).

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