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When Pharaoh makes this statement now, Moses just comes right back in verse 29 and says: Exodus a "And Moses said, `Thou hast spoken well,...'" (Pharaoh, you have just said a mouthful.I will see your face again no more.) When we get into Chapter 1, God encourages Moses by telling him: Exodus 11:1a "And the LORD said unto Moses, `Yet will I bring one plague more upon Pharaoh, and upon Egypt; afterwards he will let you go...'" And we know that's exactly what happened.I have always tried to take that approach, even if people don't agree with me.

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(even the livestock - imagine what that would do to a society or an economy.) And there shall be a great cry throughout all the land of Egypt, such as there was none like it, nor shall be like it any more.

And that's true, but when God sent a plague on Pharaoh, it wasn't just a chance happening or phenomena; it was a miraculous act of God. The skeptics will say they crossed at the shallow end of the Red Sea, and it was only 18 inches deep. Now, that's exactly how Satan deals with the lost person.

Along with this, a tidal wave could have come in from the Mediterranean, and that could explain how the Egyptians drowned. All of these events were the miraculous, powerful working of an Almighty God. As Pharaoh is now coming under the pressure of all these plagues, he's trying to do some compromising with Moses (and I don't think we covered them in our last lesson, so I'll just touch on them.) He offers several compromises. The lost person may start getting an appetite, and the Holy Spirit may be wooing him, and bringing him under conviction. "Well, you can get a little religious, but don't get carried away with it.

Many of the things that took place back in Egypt under the plagues will repeat themselves in the Tribulation, only it will be on a worldwide scale.

I also want to remind you that so many writers (secular and theological people alike) will try to associate these plagues and other events in the Book of Exodus with natural phenomena saying these things just happened to happened.

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