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Georgia also did two years of voluntary work and helped out at an old people's home and a charity shop.

She was at an awards ceremony in the House of Commons when the Westminster terror attack took place and she was locked inside with everyone else as events unfolded outside.

The goals, of course — six from six after Saturday's hat-trick.

We will have a far better measure of Morata five days from now, by which time he will have faced Atletico Madrid in the Champions League and Manchester City in the Premier League.

Morata made his markers uncomfortable on and off the ball in the game which will teach Diego Costa what being quickly forgotten looks like, should he catch the highlights.

But beware drawing football conclusions before the leaves are on the ground.

Perverse though it seems to say so after a steamroller win in the stadium which is supposed to be particularly inhospitable, it still feels like a little of the light has gone out of the team.

Don't bet against Costa's rabblerousing qualities being desperately missed in the depths of winter.

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