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The partition wall behind where the driver and his two co-pilots would sit was covered with faded centrefolds from lower-end girlie mags of years past.

sections of which not encrusted with snow were worn down until there was no tread remaining.

‘We’ve got four-wheel drive police vehicles marooned until a tow-truck comes, and these bastards just cruise through it all.’ ‘Think I read something about it,’ she said.

‘Pretty sure it’s one of these new seasonal theme parks. You get rock festivals in summer, ghostly fun at Halloween, this time of year …

While she awaited a response, Heck tested the driver’s door.

It wasn’t locked, and opened on a cab filled with old food-wrappers, crumbs and empty pop tins.

To start with, she may still be in her nightclothes, so she could be freezing.

‘Ma’am …’ He tried to keep the frustration from his voice.

‘They killed Mary Byrne after deciding she didn’t know anything.

The closer they got, the more of those Germanic-style buildings it seemed to possess.

This was clearly no small affair knocked together in half a day.

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