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Adolescents and young adults (AYA, ages 15-39) with cancer are an often-underserved group in the field of oncology.

Though most people are aware that cancer can strike at any age, older patients and children are often the first thought of.

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Patients and parents may not have sought CAM therapies of their own accord, various “interventions” may have been directly marketed to these patients and families as an extra component or more popular today, an essential part of care to promote “wellness”.

Therefore, patients that may never have thought of using any form of CAM therapies are pressured into usage through careful marketing, rebranding, and clever (to the average person) lies concerning the scientific legitimacy of proposed therapies.

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The most likely user of CAM according to the NCCIH is a white, educated, older (around 50) and relatively wealthy female.

This should not give the impression that they are the only users, or that use in other demographics is rare.

The patient population is significant; each year approximately 70,000 AYA cancers are diagnosed in the US, and an estimated one million worldwide.

Young adults are roughly six times more likely to be diagnosed than children under 15.

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