Cancer dating taurus christian dating and matchmaking

But, the differences between the two end here, as the similarities that enhance their compatibility start off from here and have a long way to go.Let us see more on Taurus and Cancer compatibility in terms of romantic relationship and friendship.Secondly, they can also be very good friends and business friends. So, if you are a Taurus and have a Cancer in your life, or vice versa; treasure him/her! However, this goes down well with the Cancer as he/she is looking for a protective partner.Theirs can be a long-lasting and successful marriage as both of them are very compatible to each other.

At the surface both these individuals appear calm and composed.

Secondly, both are very ambitious and will love to acquire material pleasures.

Together, they are financially stable as neither of them is extravagant.

However, the problems may arise in the Taurus and Cancer relationship due to the mood swings of the Cancer and the stubbornness of the Taurus.

The over practical Taurus will have a hard time to understand and accept the mood swings of the Cancer; and the Cancer will often find the Taurus too dominating and obstinate!

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