Evemon not updating

Open out each skill category one by one, and look at the list of skills contained in that category.

If the skill shows with one or more blue dots, then you already know it, and the display shows one dot per skill level which you have.

You cannot train it (yet) because many skills have other skills as prerequisites.

Most important for the newbie are skills that you don't know, but you have all the prerequisites for. You can train these skills starting right now; all you need is the skillbook to inject.

POS Tracker 3.0.0 offers a complete solution in a desktop application, making it useful for anyone tasked with the job of looking after their corp or alliance's POS.

POS Tracker has had its share of bugs and problems but is still tentatively under development, with the latest release being in April of this year.

Although I haven't given this app a proper test drive yet, it does look like one of the more useful web apps for news and server status.

Here is how you find out about skills you don't know about.

You won't need skills in Corp Management, Industry, Leadership, Planet Management, Social, or Trade.

At least not for combat; those are money-making skills.

For those with enough money to own an i Phone (damn you), this app is a must-have. It's a desktop application that allows players not only to check up on their skill training but also develop a skill training plan.

Although the app can't actually change your skills for you, it does pop up warnings and the new skill queue in Although several attempts at fitting tools had been made before EVE Fitting Tool's release, such as the popular Java program Quick Fit, EFT took over as the de-facto standard tool for testing ship fittings due to its completeness and the fact that it's kept up to date.

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