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Justin and his pals Craig and Dooley are thrilled when they go to visit Raja at work and discover that the convenience store parking lot is the cool kids' hang-out. Justin is looking forward to serving on the Homecoming Junior Float committee, where his idea for the previous years float was a big hit.Everything is fine until Raja upsets the natural balance by refusing to sell liquor to kids with fake I. However, when Raja innocently questions Justin's new idea for a float and the committee chooses Raja's idea over Justin's, a feud begins between the two friends.Justin especially feels compelled to stick by Raja when he starts to notice the blatant racist and xenophobic attitudes of his classmates and community.The high school featured in the show is actually H. Cambie Secondary School in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada with the interiors of later first-season episodes shot inside a studio.Gary is ashamed to tell the family he's been fired from his job, so he tries to get everyone to cut costs.

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Finally, Franny tries to earn more money by selling most of the family's possessions.

The plan is to flood the teachers' lounge, but Raja finds the idea too destructive and convinces Justin to sabotage the prank.

When they accidentally flood the football field instead, they incur the wrath of the entire school.

Raja, however, does not fit in well with the group because he does not like the fact that all they do is nothing.

Justin also uses Raja's computer to look up porn and gets caught by the police.

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