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Being forced into the role of "the person who was going to educate Earth on the intricacies of film finance, the intricacies of crowd–funding" was just too exhausting. Then tells me: "You have approximately 60 summers left. You shouldn't be talking to me in a dark hotel lobby, you should be out walking a puppy." Which – as sweethearted as it is insufferable – is as Zach Braff–ish a valediction as I can imagine.

Then, acknowledging the gloomy turn the conversation's taken, he makes a sad trombone noise: "wah–wahhhhh." "We need to end on something uplifting! Wish I Was Here is released on Sept 19 The Big Short, the film adaptation of Michael Lewis' book of the same name about the causes of the financial crisis, opens in UK cinemas this weekend.

Former "Scrubs" stars Zach Braff and Donald Faison -- who played inseparable man friends J. and Turk on the show -- hung out in real-life yesterday during a totally platonic trip to Hawaii."There's nothing gay about it, in our eyes." -- J.

I made national headlines 25 years ago today on December 28th, 1992 after I was kidnapped by a family friend and then held in a underground bunker for 17 horrendous days.

If you were young at the time, it seemed like a film by which you could define yourself.

A scene in which Portman clamped headphones on to a bemused Braff and told him "this one song" by the band The Shins, "will change your life, I swear" was regarded, for a time, as the apogee of romance. What had once seemed profound suddenly seemed twee, and a mass renunciation began – of Garden State, its creator and the string of touchy–feely imitations (such as 500 Days of Summer) the film had spawned.

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And I never said that it was the voice of a generation or any of that bulls–––.

"Rich person Zach Braff wants the internet to pay for his next movie," reported the American website Gawker. "It was about fighting for artistic integrity," he says. If I want to make money I'd go do a network TV show.

This experiment, which was a tremendous success, was [to find out] what it would be like if you took all the corporate involvement out of the process and you made a movie with and for your fans.

It isn't until your thirties that you go, 'God, what the hell do I believe? The TV series was his big break, a role that made him famous virtually overnight.

Just before he was cast, his acting career was close to nonexistent.

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