Dlink dynamic dns not updating

It has been a couple years since I used this method but there was a way (experimental) to control the DVR like you would your TV by mapping your DVR remote control.

Unless your DVR is high def you are better with an older slingbox that doesn't have high def. I have read a person or two claim they were able to and you can count on this like rain in the desert. Get the live video out of the DVR with SOMETHING and communicate over cellular with that SOMETHING instead of the DVR.

Hi, I am trying to accomplish this also in Chicago Illinois. Anyone connect their DVR to the internet via cellular?so i suppose the usage will be lot.regards,swastik. While I have used some DVRs that support some USB dongles, I have never used with USB/3G.Keep in mind that each 3G USB dongle is different, and the same way that it would need a driver to use it on a computer, it needs a "driver" to use it on a DVR.Don CWe do this all the time and we are Verizon M2M partners.You are correct you will need to pay a one time fee of 0 for the account setup at Verizon if you want a publicly routable static IP address.

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