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Chomp: Allysa Seely (C) of the USA poses with her gold medal on the podium after winning the women's PT2 Triathlon competition of the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games at Fort Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Seely won ahead of her compatriots, second placed Hailey Danisewicz (L) and third placed Melissa Stockwell (R)She was fitted with her first prosthetic leg at age one and developed her passion for sport through her parents who were both athletes in running and triathlon.

I guess I’m dating myself but when I was in Penticton doing book-signings for the 2009 edition of the Penticton Ironman Triathlon this past August, I overheard a conversation that brought back a lot of memories about biking-naked. I can remember stopping at a roadside turn-off at the bottom of the hill because I couldn’t feel my arms or legs anymore. There must have been about 15 of us who had pulled off the course.

There were guys who used to do the entire Ironman with just a Speedo swimsuit and a running top on. One year was particularly ugly that the temperature turned cold almost without warning and there was a driving rain and we were still hitting speeds of 50MPH(80k) going down the Yellow Lake Hill in the final portion of the bike course.

Here at the SCRC Wiki we welcome visitors to share what you may know about our collections as well as the traditions, history, and people of the College of William and Mary based on your research or personal experience.For all the good our Speedo’s were doing that day we might as well have been biking naked.I guess those would qualify as “the good old days” of the Penticton Ironman Triathlon when almost biking naked was pretty much the way it was in the early years. Our wetsuits fit much better with just a swim suit underneath as opposed to a tri-suit.Unfortunately, many of the early original records of the College of William and Mary were destroyed by fires, military occupation, and the normal effects of time.The information available here is the best available from known documents and sources at the time it was written.

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