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I say that it’s time to get into the kinky side of things and liven up your sex life! which not good for every relationship, If you want to improve your relationship and want to increase between both of you then you can try these dirty questions to ask a girl, guy or your partner, because if you ask any dirty and funny thing from your partner this process may increase your partner trust on you. One of the first things that new couples who want to get to know each other do, how to know things about each others.But have you ever wondered how you can get your girlfriend to open up and talk about her feelings without tensing up every time you question about her feelings? If you accidentally came upon a naked man and then happened to cross roads with him again at some point, would you go in the other direction and pretend not to have seen him or will stare him down on the street?Because sexual concepts do not have to be difficult. As long as you slip to and from questions in a nice and easy manner, you will not feel uncomfortable about it, and man, well, she will not even see it coming until she starts to feel the wetness in her underwear.

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Too many relationships are only on the surface of life and conversation can focus on routine matters such as children, housework and bills without sharing intimate matters of the heart and soul.

Below I list some 100 Dirty questions to ask a girl to spice up your performance in bed. Do you like being the dominated one or the submissive one in the bedroom?

The advantage is that you both can apply this technique and fully enjoy a new and passionate experience.

So she could see that you shared: 100 Dirty questions to ask a girl and I can assure you that she will feel curious, she will read it and who knows, she might even make some of these questions!

If you have been going on too long without knowing, how to talk to your partner, and you have to talk about it, with these 100 Dirty questions to ask a girl. It occurred to me to list of Dirty questions to ask a girl or guy, and pass questions to my friends, so they can also play…

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