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But at the same time, she also said that she believes in the popular, “You’re single till you’re married” theory.

“It’s not like ‘single till I am married.’ It’s just that I don’t discuss my personal life because I am very protective of it. Honestly I like to keep it very close and personal,” she was quoted telling us.

Cade has been hiding out in South Dakota with a handful of renegade Autobots. I could try to explain what happens afterward, but the chore would be difficult at best, impossible at worst, and pointless in either case.

Suffice it to say that under the influence of Quintessa, a robot sorceress from the Transformer planet of Cybertron—I hate that I had to type those words—Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen) turns evil and changes his name to Nemesis Prime.

There are even a couple of “Mini-Dinobots,” whom I have no idea what to make of.

There are, inevitably, plans in the works for a “Transformers Universe” featuring sequels, prequels, and possibly crossovers with other Hasbro-toy franchises such as G. (I confess that for a moment I thought that I’d entered the wrong theater and Legendary Entertainment’s “Monster Verse” had already reached its Ghidorah chapter.) It turns out that the 12 human knights of the Round Table were supplemented by 12 Transformer knights, and one of the latters’ cooler tricks was to combine into giant dragon form.It’s worth noting here that if you’d told me a month ago that Guy Ritchie’s awful is two-and-a-half hours long—it will be revealed that the Transformers also played a central role in killing Hitler and are intimately connected to Stonehenge.And it all culminates, of course, in a cacophonous and interminable final battle involving far too many participants to possibly keep straight.In an effort to sort it out, I consulted the movie’s Wikipedia page, which lists more than 30 different Transformers making appearances, helpfully broken down into the categories of Autobots, Dinobots, Decepticons, Knights of Cybertron, and assorted others.

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