Copy of double your dating

and how to bring out your natural ability to attract women faster than you ever thought possible. The 19 qualities of sexually attractive men, including specific, word-for-word ways to demonstrate that you are one (Do just 2 or 3 of these things and you’re in).

BTW, ALL products come with a risk-free, 7 day money back trial. Buying women dinner and gifts, giving lots of compliments when you first meet a woman, and kissing up to women to get their approval are examples of “logical” things that SHOULD create attraction… Body Language is the critical skill that can make or break attraction.

Likes) it takes to get 10 (or 20) matches for each one.

The one that racks up matches the quickest wins its spot in the primary position.

Guess which one she’s going to remember right before she swipes left or “forgets” to respond to your icebreaker message?

Getting feedback from women on your photos is essential.

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