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Fresh khat leaves contain cathinone - a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act.African Woodbine - Marijuana cigarette Aftershock - 40% whiskey crystals, you eat them Agonies - Withdrawal symptoms Aimies - Amphetamine; amyl nitrite AIP - Heroin from Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan Air Blast - Inhalant Airhead - Marijuana user; under the influence of marijuana Airplane - Marijuana Alcohol - Booze, brews, hard stuff, hooch, juice, sauce Alice B.

Also called "the game" or "pass out" Christina - Methamphetamine Christmas Bud - Marijuana Christmas Rolls - Depressants Christmas Tree - Marijuana; amphetamine; depressant; methamphetamine Christmas Tree Meth - Green methamphetamine produced using Drano crystals Chronic - Marijuana; hip-hop term for potent marijuana; marijuana laced with crack Chug It - Teen board drinking game; promotes intoxication Chugging - Drinking alcohol quickly without stopping or taking a breath; a drinking game Chunky - Marijuana Churus - Marijuana CID - LSD Circles - Rohypnol, a designer drug known as the date rape drug; flunitrazepam, forget-me pills, mexican valuim, rib, roach-2, roaches, roche, roofies, roopies, rope, rophies, ropies, ruffies Citrol - High potency marijuana from Nepal Clam Bake - Sitting inside a car or other small, enclose space and smoking marijuana Clean - Drug free; not having drugs in one’s possession Clicker - A joint dipped in formaldehyde and smoked; crack mixed with PCP Clickums - A marijuana cigarette laced with PCP Climax - Butyl nitrite; inhalant Climb - Marijuana cigarette Cloud - Crack Cocaine Club Drugs - Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate, a depressant drug, no smell, salty taste, date rape drug, powder or liquid form.Even if the individual is just "joking", he/she is already "buying into" at least part of the drug scene, and investigation is warranted.A - LSD; amphetamine A-Bomb - Marijuana joint with heroin or opium; cigarette that contains heroin or marijuana Abe - worth of drugs Abe’s Cabe - bill Abandominiums - Abandoned row houses where drugs are used.Also known as battery acid, cherry meth, date rape drug, easy lay, everclear, fantasy, G, Georgia Home Boy, GHB, goop, Grievous Bodily Harm, jib, kit kat, liquid ecstasy, liquid G, liquid X, organic Quaalude, roofies, roopies, rope, rophies, ropies, ruffies, salty war, salty water, scoop, sleep 500, soap, Special K, Vita G, zonked Coasting - Being high on drugs; under the influence of drugs Cocaine - All American, Angie, Aunt Nora, base, basuco, bazooka, beam, Bernie, Big C, black rock, Blanca, blast, blizzard, blow, bobo, Bolivian Marching Powder, booth, California cornflakes, candy, Cecil, crack, coke, cola, divits, dust, foo foo, happy dust, happy trails, heaven, hooter, ice, icing, ivory flakes, king, lace, lady, leaf, lines, mobbeles, nose candy, pearl, powder, railers, ringer, rocks, sleigh ride, sneeze, snort, snow, snow bird, snowcones, snow white, soda, toot, white dust, yahoo, yale, yam, yao, yay, yayoo, yeah-o, yeaho, yeyo (spanish), zip Cocaine User - Snow bird Cochornis - Marijuana Cocktail -Combination of crack and marijuana; cigarette laced with cocaine or crack; partially smoked marijuana cigarette inserted in regular cigarette; to smoke cocaine in a cigarette; marijuana and tobacco cigarette Colas - Marijuana Cold Turkey - Sudden withdrawal from drugs Coli - Marijuana Coliflor tostao (Spanish) - Marijuana Cocoa Puff - To smoke cocaine and marijuana Coke - Cocaine Coke Broke - Financially incapacitated from supporting cocaine habit Cold Turkey - Sudden withdrawal from drugs Colombia - Marijuana Colombian - Potent strain of marijuana Colombo - Marijuana grown in Columbia Colorado Cocktail - Marijuana Columbus Black - Marijuana Come Down - The ending of a drug experience Connect - To purchase drugs Connection - Supplier of drugs Cooker - Usually a spoon or bottle cap used to heat drugs for injection, person who cooks meth or designer drugs Cop - To obtain drugs Co-Pilots - Type of amphetamine Cop Out - To evade an issue Coricidin - Magic Skittles, Red Devils, Triple C, Coricidin HBP Cough & Cold tablets containing a powerful dose of dextromethorphan, a substance related to morphine Cosa (Spanish) - Marijuana Cotton Shooter - Desperate addict who injects the residue from cotton used to filter heroin Crack - Cocaine prepared for smoking, in chunk or rock form, Baby T, bad, ball, bazooka, beam, bebe, black rock, bolo, "the devil", geek, I am back, ice cube, issues, snow coke, yahoo, yale, yam, yay, yayoo, yeah-o, yeaho, yimyom Crack Back - Marijuana and crack Crack Bash - Combination of crack cocaine and marijuana Crack Cocaine - Apple jacks, B.J.s, Baby T, baseball, cloud, dip, glow, hardline, kryptonite, paste, yahoo, yale, yam, yay, yayoo, yeah-o, yeaho, yimyom Cracker - Metal, brass or plastic device used to puncture Whip-its and fill balloons with nitrous oxide Crank - Amphetamine, heroin, methamphetamine, methcathinone Crank Craters - Facial sores caused by meth Crash - To sleep off the effects of drugs; to come down off a drug very quickly Crazy Flip - Ecstasy LSD cocaine xanex Crown Royal pot Crazy Weed -Marjiuana Crink - Methamphetamine Cripple - Marijuana cigarette Crisscrossing - To set up a "line" of powder cocaine next to a line of heroin Cristy - Methamphetamine Crying Weed - Marijuana Crypto - Methamphetamine Cryppie - Marijuana Cryptonie - Marijuana Crystal - Amphetamines, methamphetamine, PCP Cubes - Marijuana tablets; crack cocaine Culican - High potency marijuana from Mexico Cut - To adulterate, dilute drugs Cut Out - To leave from someplace Cylert - Type of stimulant drug Dagga (Dajja) - South African word for strong marijuana Dank - Street name for marijuana, marijuana laced with formaldehyde, potent marijuana, flunitrazepam; refers to "high quality" marijuana Date Rape Drug - flunitrazepam, GHB Dealer - A seller of illegal drugs Death - Street name for PMA Deck - A packet of drugs Decriminalization - Process of reducing penalties for personal use of marijuana from prison sentences to civil fines.

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