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Therese showed up not long after and began to help Nancy. It was so wonderful to have Nick in the water with me. Everyone was in the room with us, helping me with encouraging words. Hayden woke up from her nap around this time (she had slept in the room with us this whole time).All while this was going on I was walking around the house just to get through the contractions. The experience was amazing, I truly felt surrounded with love. She wasn't scared at all (when asked she said "I not scared!We were surprised, and excited when we realized that we had again been blessed with a baby on the way.

I began to realize that this was the real thing about 15 minutes later when they really started to get intense.I had debated its value and place in health care choices for women in several other classes where debate and “current issues” were discussed freely, but I had never gotten the privilege of experiencing for myself. The year before, a friend was having a baby and had asked me to help her find a midwife.I had found two for our area online…one being Nancy.It all started Saturday afternoon; I was 40 weeks and 4 days pregnant.Nick and his parents had taken Hayden out for the morning and they were on their way home.

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