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Azura confirmed what Voryn Dagoth said was true, and told Nerevar that the Numidium needed to be destroyed to ensure the safety of the entire world.

Nerevar, who felt betrayed by Dumac, went to Red Mountain and confronted him about what he learned from Azura.

discovered that the Dwemer High Priest and Tonal Architect, Kagrenac, had been building a new construct known as the Numidium that would harness the power of the recently-discovered Heart of Lorkhan.

The Numidium was seen as a complete mockery of the Chimer faith and was a potential threat to all of Resdayn.

Vivec and the rest of the old Tribunal urged Nerevar once again to go to war with the Dwemer, but Nerevar was still reluctant to do as his advisors told him.

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Vivec saw that Nerevar had great ambitions, the most forthright of such being his wish to see Resdayn free of Nordic occupation, and decided to help him achieve his goals.

Vivec has protected Morrowind from multiple invasions, through offensive and diplomatic means, most notably the Four Score War.

Vivec has also done countless deeds for the Dunmer people, one such deed was saving Vivec City, a city made in his honor, from Baar Dau, also known as the "Ministry of Truth," a giant meteor sent by the Daedric Prince Sheogorath to destroy the city.

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