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Not for two months did he present himself at the Glamis post-office-cum-sweetshop, by which time another child had been born in the village.

The King, according to Christopher Warwick, Princess Margaret's official biographer, "used to look at Princess Margaret in sort of amazement that he had produced this object, who found everything so easy, and who was a pretty little thing". After her sister became Queen, Princess Margaret moved with her mother, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, to Clarence House, where she built up her own network of friends, the "Margaret Set".

They also incurred the wrath of MPs, fuelled calls for a republic, and saw her popularity ebb and flow.

When she was born at Glamis Castle the superstitious Duke of York flouted a law requiring him to register her birth within 21 days, because her birth certificate would have been numbered 13.

As she prepared to announce her decision to a waiting world, both she and Townsend were "thoroughly drained, thoroughly demoralised", to use her own words.

They drafted her statement together."When it was done, we looked at each other.

She accepted a proposal from Billy Wallace, one of the dwindling number in her circle who was still single, and who had proposed to her constantly.I had my chance and blew it with my big mouth, or she would have become Mrs Wallace and I would have been able to handle her."Given the media interest, it is remarkable that Princess Margaret managed to keep secret her next relationship with the fashionable young photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones. Part of a bohemian crowd, including many homosexuals, many thought he might not be interested in women, which served to deflect attention.They met regularly at his tiny flat in Rotherhithe, south-east London, for intimate dinners. Some close friends believed it had been precipitated by Townsend's plans to remarry, this time to a young Belgian woman."Sunny" Blandford, heir to the 10th Duke of Marlborough, was one of three "most likely" contenders, and widely believed to have proposed but been gently refused.Johnny Dalkeith, already an earl and the heir to two dukedoms, was a great friend.

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