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The few facts that are known do not, however, support the traditional story, which was that they had been smothered by James Tyrell, Master of the Horse to Richard III, with the help of two men, Miles Forest and John Dighton.The bodies were then buried at the foot of a flight of stairs in the Tower.The urn containing the 'bones' in Westminster Abbey Another major deficiency in 1933 was the lack of a reliable method for establishing a family relationship between the two bodies.In the report a relationship was largely assumed, and unreliable techniques then applied to prove it. With such young children this is difficult, but new techniques being developed will soon make it possible.More reliable methods have been developed since 1933, particularly DNA testing.

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It is likely that in the future even more accurate dating will be possible.To take just one example, modern forensic techniques show that the ages arrived at for the two skeletons are highly disputable and they may both be younger than they would be if they were the princes.Furthermore, the age gap between the two children appears to be less than the three years that separate the births of Edward and Richard, the two princes.Assigning a date to the bones could not be done at all in 1933.Using radiocarbon dating, it would now be possible to at least assign a century to them, and indeed probably come as close as a date with a margin of error of plus or minus about 15 years.

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