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Pete doesn't forget birthdays or anniversaries, nor does Pete have slips of the tongue. But then he meets Mikey's brother, and after awhile, Frank begins to question whether or not love does actually exist. Soulmates never die.(old fanfic from 2015) Bert only liked Gerard because he did drugs with him, he was easy to manipulate.

No, Pete Wentz has all of his metaphorical shit figured out. That was the reason Gerard's addictions got so bad. He was angry when Gerard wanted to quit, but he wouldn't let him.

*Part three of Wonderland* **MUST READ IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU AND BUBBLE WRAP MY HEART TO GET TO THIS POINT** When everything seems to be going wrong, it's hard to keep track on what is important in life. Trying to fix himself, trying to move on, but he just can't because Frank. When his job ensnares him in the glamorous world of the rich and the infamous, it’s not long before their paths cross and Frank starts living his dark fantasies though Gerard – but only for a price. Pete typically considers himself a very put-together guy. Between his adoptive parents and the kids at school, Frank is depressed all the time.

Frank is desperate for Gerard to believe him, but after what he saw, he doubts that Gerard will ever believe him. Deal with their own nightmares, overcome their own struggles. “It’s just for a week, Gee,” Frank laughs when they’re seeing him off at the airport. I’m gonna be back in a week.” “I know,” Gerard says. Gerard Way is a man bordering on desperation – whoring himself out to wealthy men in an attempt to support himself and his best friend’s worsening drug habit.

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He tries to hold on, but he knows that the day will come when he has to finally let go. Frank tries but he can't pull him away from the South Side Serpents once Gerard was taken in by the infamous Bert Mc Cracken. He could shave head.” Bert is standing behind Gerard, holding them against his chest, and nodding his head solemnly. *** frank has to go to his cousin's wedding in arizona, and gerard and bert are hot fuckin messes who don't know how to cope without him.

Soon after, Way announced he was working on a solo record called feels very English. Going into high school I discovered The Smiths, The Cure, all that stuff.

Then grunge happened, and I didn't respond to it at all. Frontman Jarvis Cocker has said that album is their weird one, the one that stopped them from reaching any kind of mega-fame. As a kid going into art school, I completely identified with that. There's a line in that first song that's seven minutes long where [Jarvis Cocker] says, "You're going to like it, but not a lot." I love that. It's something I took with me into My Chemical Romance.

Eldest son of the household, Bert enjoyed a happy home life as a child, but as he grew into a teenager his and his parents' views conflicted.

He rebelled against his parents and against their Mormon religion.

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