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Web-server technology is particularly well-suited to instruments that connect to Ethernet networks and that use TCP/IP (Transfer Control Protocol/Internet Protocol).

Every scientist, engineer, and technician involved in any form of electronics has used an oscilloscope.

IEEE 488 standard did a good job of defining the communications hardware, it initially gave short shrift to interfacing's software aspects.

More than a decade elapsed before the evolution of the necessary software standards, particularly SCPI (standard commands for programmable instruments). RS-232 ports have became popular on slower instruments.

Those analogue oscilloscopes are still very usable devicesnowadays.

Analogue oscilloscopes work very well as general testing instrumentfor viewing repetitive signals.

Scope displays of amplitude as a function of time provide intuitive and easily interpreted pictures of signals.

Oscilloscope is one of the most important test instruments foravailable engineers.

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It is quite typical for the scope to be out by a percent or two or three but if you're counting on that kind of accuracy, you're using the wrong tool.Deviations as high as ~3% or more are considered "in-cal", and in uncalibrated scopes this can be much worse.Traditional oscilloscopes used a CRT screen and were completely analogue devices.It is useful for very many electronics measurement.The main purpose of an oscilloscope is to display the level of a signal relative to changes in time.

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