Catch more fish dating

Plug in a photo and you'll see plenty of people who look just like you.

However, one caveat: We weren't able to find single friends in the mix, despite plugging in their photos, exact age, and zip codes.

(That includes those who are curious to see who they look like of the opposite gender.) A Tinder representative told NBC News they've contacted to say the app is violating their terms.

Tinder said it was told will "address the issue." "We take the security and privacy of our users seriously and have tools and systems in place to uphold the integrity of our platform.

It's free to play with some celebrity faces, but for .99 per month (that's after a free one-week trial), you can input any face you want.

That's led to some interesting use cases, Ahrens said.

"One of the guys who works here actually sent a link to his friend early on and his friend ran his girlfriend’s picture and found her.

She had forgotten to take her profile down," he said.

Want to date someone who looks like Chris Hemsworth?

"In a general sense, AI and this type of technology is something that people are really interested in but they rarely get a chance to see or touch," Ahrens said.

"Everyone knows Facebook uses this tech to auto tag you, but as a user you don’t get to play with that.

Ahrens said this is because the system is currently experiencing a bit of a backlog.

Other than that, it's still incredibly fun to play with.

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