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Interlaken's former Augustinian monastery dates to the 12th century.You can see the 14th-century bell tower along with a Gothic cloister and remains of a chapel dating from 1452.Like Lake Thun, it is best seen from one of the five boats that connect Interlaken to towns around its wooded shores.The most atmospheric of these boats is the restored steamer the Lötschberg, built in 1914; other boats offer special dining cruises with Swiss food specialties.Think of it as a way for friends who all use Tinder to meet up and hang out with other groups of Tinder users.Or, as some people on social media are suggesting, a means for Tinder to promote something rather less savoury.

Before the property was turned over to the state in the 16th century during the Protestant Reformation, the monastery was an important hostel for pilgrims headed to the former hermitage of Saint Beatus in the caves above Lake Thun.Along with the almost endless variety of walks, climbs, and outdoor excursions, there are many other sports available for active travelers.On the right bank of the Aare, opposite the Kursaal, is a swimming pool, and visitors will find a golf course in Unterseen, as well as sailing and windsurfing on the lakes, parasailing, horseback riding, and tennis.Extend your circle: 'Too often, your nights with friends consist of not knowing what to do, and figuring out where other interesting people you want to meet are going,' Tinder writes on its latest blog post How it works: Since its launch this Wednesday, a select group of users now have the opportunity to browse their friends who already have Tinder accounts and select three of them as a 'friendship group'The venture hopes to bring different groups of people together, and allows users to make clear what they plan to do during an evening, in the hope that they can meet and mix with other, like-minded cliques on a night out.Whether you're up for finding a new romantic interest, or just on the hunt for an extended social circle, you've got to admit that there's something appealing (read: hilarious) in bringing your mates along on a Tinder date, terrible or otherwise.

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