Dating delco radios serial numbers

This is the largest DR cranking motor the author has ever seen.

For more photos and information see the DR WWII LST 393 page. The B-29 Project: Delco-Remy was one of seventeen GM Divisions that built components for the B-29.

This and a second DR starter can be seen on LST 393 in Muskegon, MI. The Delco-Remy ID Tag shows this was Serial Number 182 and was built on 9-4-1942.

This 64 volt starter pulled 800 amps to produce 32.5 hp.

As diverse of an aircraft related product line produced by DR during WWII, the Division could have supplied any number of components for the B-29.

Starting at the front of the fuselage and working towards the rear of the aircraft, the glass nose section was built by Libby-Owens-Ford, an automotive glass company.

This page shows many of Delco-Remy (DR) products used in a plethora of military applications during WWII.

The plants included in the production of the following parts were Anderson, IN; Bedford, IN; Kings Mill, OH; Muncie, IN; and Yellow Springs, OH.

No specifics are given below for the number of batteries produced by Muncie. During WWII (812,615) aircraft engines were produced. (60,000 ) complete sets of aluminum castings for the Allison V-1710 and V-3420 aircraft engines.

"Our War Job" is the complete reproduction Delco-Remy's 1944 booklet detailing its participation in the war effort up to that date.

"The Army-Navy "E" Award with Three Stars" page is a photo essay of Delco-Remy's WWII "E" flag.

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