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sillyness got the better of me and I ignored it (( i know this was silly ) now a company called mmf are chasing me and last week phoned and demanded my bank details and asked when ive got money next ( well that was chb today ) But at the moment we needed shopping so I had to take the money out to do the shopping, a stroppy man has just phoned saying '' what happened to your payment, you promised us the money we are not giving you any more chances a doorstep collector will come and slammed the phone down!!! I am going to ask my colleagues from the CAB to come and post for you.In the mean time here's some information for you to have a look at in relation to dealing with a debt collector calling at the house...This page from our local CAB has links to a range of places where you can get advice and support in sorting things out.I'd point you to the debt pack at the bottom of the page which lets you set out clearly what your ins and outs are and what debts you have and to whom.Good Luck x thankyou very much for your replys that's reassured me they ring and text about 8 times a day!!( now when they ring i pick up and get an recorded msg saing ' hi im **** from mmf im schedualed to visit your home in the next 4 days, to avoid embarresment press 1 to be connected to make an appointment ) Ill take on all advise and let you know the outcome thankyou again for taking the time to reply speak to national debt line or stepchange for more advice, or contact your local CAB.

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State also that ANY further contact must be done IN WRITING. yeh I think bailiffs have the law on their side as they have a legal right to remove goods "to the value of" (where other avenues have been exhausted etc) and can enter an unlocked property (they have certain rights and have to declare stuff) but loan sharks etc are outside of this law as their lending policies are only just legal; they have no rights at all, so cannot enter a property without express permission! hope OP is ok, be strong and get some advice x Unfortunately, I have had dealings of this sort more times than I care to remember. Although I do believe payday loan companies are lot quicker off the mark to refer the debts to debt recovery agents. If you're interested offering adult phone chat/sex services then register and tick the relevant box.a few months ago I took out a pay day loan and after culling my hours drastically due to family circumstances I couldnt afford to repay it. thankyou Hello Lisa From what you have said it sounds as though the organisation you initially borrowed the money from has handed over the task of recovering their funds to MMF.If they do go to court you will get a claim form from Northampton Court, they all come from there so don't worry, fill the form in with all the income and expenditure it says and ask for the case to be heard at your local court.When the hearing is listed go to the hearing and set out your case making sure that you mention the interest rate and the threatening nature of the phone calls etc.

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