Updating data with linq

Now open page and write the code like as shown below If you observe above example we implemented LINQ to SQL select, insert, update and delete operations. Following is the result of LINQ to SQL crud operations (insert, update, delete and select) example.This is how we can use LINQ to SQL to perform insert, update, delete and select operations in c#, C# Code Before we start implement LINQ to SQL Insert update and delete operations first we need to create a database with required tables and map those tables to LINQ to SQL file (.dbml) if you don't know the process don't worry check this link create and map database tables to LINQ to SQL file (.dbml).Once we create and map required tables to file now we will show data in our application for that Right click on application → select Add → New Item → Select Web Form → Give name as and click OK button. Model-First allows the conceptual model to be created first by the developer.

Approximately 30 mins Microsoft Entity Framework abstracts the relational, logical database schema and presents a conceptual schema to the . In this tutorial, you will learn how to use Oracle Database and these three technologies with Microsoft Visual Studio and Oracle Data Provider for . Then, you will query the EDM using three different methods: 1. LINQ query with a lambda expression and calling a stored procedure to perform an update against the results 3.Entity SQL Next, you will call a stored procedure added to the EDM via a function import.The stored procedure will modify the database data and return the results with an implicit resultset.In a Model-First scenario, a developer first creates an Entity Framework object-relational data model.From that data model, the developer can automatically generate an Oracle relational database model in the form of DDL scripts.

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