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By Mel Tobiasz Staff Writer Believe it or not, Wisconsin has plenty of vegan and vegetarian restaurants across the state.These eateries are so good, you'll forget the menus are meatless."We'll be thinking about what we're going to have for the next meal while we're at the table eating the current meal." Originally from New Glarus, Capellaro came to Madison to attend UW-Madison. Rather, the absence of vegetarian restaurants in Madison kept her thinking.Ultimately, she came to the conclusion that "this is what I do, and I can do this. "My sense is that Savory Thymes was very popular but closed for more personal reasons." The Green Owl will move into the place formerly occupied by The Anchor Inn, 1970 Atwood Ave.This restaurant serves south and north Indian food crafted with fresh ingredients, herbs and spices.All dishes served at this family owned restaurant are vegetarian.They also have options to meet the needs of those looking for vegan or gluten free meals.Riverwest Co-op – Milwaukee This café and grocery store combo in Milwaukee offers made-to-order vegan and vegetarian meals crafted with organic and locally grown produce whenever possible.

The experience left me with a very favorable impression.You wouldn't know it from the delicious vegan soups she cooks daily for Mother Fools Coffeehouse, but Capellaro is a self-taught vegetarian cook."My family is obsessed with food," Capellaro admits.I was seated immediately (lunch on Saturday), the wait person was profession, polite and prompt.I ordered a tea, crabby cakes as an appetizer and the Jackfruit BBQ for the entree. I will agree with some of the other reviewers that some things are of small portions.

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