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The third season of CSI: Miami kicks off with the episode "Lost Son", in which the team of criminologists races to find an abducted child while dealing with the loss of one of their own people.It's a good start, and the rest of the season continues in much the same way.

Gribjs kaisli kdu neprtgu vrieti, kas tevi nolaupa, aizved un tad iegst...It would also be best to begin with the first season, since many of the show's story arcs start there.For people who have seen some of Miami and are interested in purchasing some of the DVD's, I can only say that seasons two and three are my favorite thus far. Most of the products I review online (not just on Amazon) are books, so please don't be disconcerted by the fact that I'm critiquing a TV show, but my profile nickname has the word "reader" in it.The complete third season of the TV series CSI: Miami.Each locale in the CSI family has their own color palette: the original series is a dingy, seedy green, while New York is shot in gloomy blue hues.

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