100 dating sites with chatfacilities

After telling them the situation: That i was in China and had made plans to meet a lady and needed help to solve the problem. I asked for a complete refund of all monies spent and also asked why I was not notified of the Chinese Government's decision to censor this site. After much discussion the customer service person: Instead of helping solve the problem removed my access to the site.

In doing so I was not refunded approximately 5.00.

These people work pretending to chat with you as the women in the picture, they offer fake phone call services to exchange information with your supposed date which is not real, they offer paid chat as listed below This site uses a credit based system, not a monthly membership.

It took me a few days to change my plans and to find out why the website was not available. (which is a sister site to Asiandate.com) To find out what the problem was and to see if there was a solution.

We had planned on spending about 5 weeks together in her country.

I don't doubt that many of women from china are for real but the way they site works is not really trustworthy.

Then again the way the site attracts you to them is rather underhanded.

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