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And that she will never have to succumb to the whims of scumbags and should she ever come across such gross immoral characteristics (because I’m not ignorant to the possibility), then she will reach out to me immediately to help her take further action.

Then you have all the Entertainers, Hollywood Producers and Directors, big political pundits, news anchors, executives, etc. You can always call me and I will help you figure it out if necessary.” She smiled because she knows I will always have her back.

And one that I’m thoroughly blessed to have with her!

I began putting up Christmas decorations yesterday evening.

They are barely teenagers and you are not going to tell me I can’t be present. “You see all this that is going on with these so-called men of power, right? ” This is when I had to explain job threats, retaliation, fear, nervousness, anxiety…all the thoughts and feelings that overcome an employee if they are put into that particular position by a person of power.

I can only say that I would not have been comfortable at all with it. “Sweetheart, the bottom line is that no job is worth it.

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