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The BBC's voice of golf Peter Alliss, who enraged viewers with his sexist comments about Sergio Garcia's fiancee after the Spaniard's Masters triumph, has chosen to repeat the remarks.Alliss said in an audible voice off-mic at Augusta that Angela Akins was wearing the 'shortest skirt on the campus'.By Friday night's halfway cut, he knew 60 per cent. Dioceses of San Sebastián and Bilbao, Biscay and Gipuzkoa; Basque Country; Military Ordinariate of the Philippines; Society of Jesus; Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil; Junín, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Antwerp, Belgium.Íñigo was returned to his father's castle in Loyola, where, in an era that knew nothing of anesthetics, he underwent several surgical operations to repair his legs, having the bones set and then rebroken.In the end these operations left one leg shorter than the other: Íñigo would limp for the rest of his life, and his military career was over.But, hey ho, life goes on.'Garcia marries former Golf Channel reporter Angela in Texas next weekend, with 86-year-old Alliss - still undecided about retiring from the BBC - unlikely to be on the guest list.

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Ignatius is also a foremost patron saint of soldiers.His diplomacy and leadership qualities earned him the title "servant of the court", which made him very useful to the Duke.Under the Duke's leadership, Íñigo participated in many battles without injury.And he returns to the subject, without remorse, for his first column in new magazine Atlantic Golf & Lifestyle, claiming the garb was inappropriate and more suited to ice-skating.He wrote in the publication for golf clubs in Devon and Cornwall: 'I came home to a barrage of emails, several of them very rude, castigating me for being so sexist - fancy remarking that Sergio Garcia's fiancee had the shortest skirt on the campus.

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