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Bulgaria is two hours ahead of British Summer Time and three hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time, which should not require major adjustments to your diabetes management.However, if you are unsure regarding your medication, it is best to discuss a plan with your diabetes specialist.Rabies can be found in dogs, bats and other mammals in Bulgaria.This is not a major risk for travellers, but vaccination is advised for people who will be working with or around animals, children, or those planning activities in remote regions that put them at risk of animal bites.Medication is available in Bulgaria, but payment is required from a pharmacy Possessing an EHIC card, however, allows you to receive treatment at a lesser cost and this money can be recouped when you get back into the UK.Blood and urine testing kits are available from many pharmacies in Bulgaria, while the emergency services telephone number in Bulgaria is 150.

Travelling from London to Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital, will take around between three and five hours, on average, with stop times reflective of your overall journey time.It is advisable to contact the manufacturing company of your medication prior to leaving the UK to find out what is available in Bulgaria if your medication gets lost, stolen or damaged.It is also worth checking to see what different names your medication may be listed as.Bulgaria is amongst the European countries that allow you to receive state healthcare either at a reduced cost or sometimes for free.It will cover you for medical treatment until you return to the UK.

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