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Benzine is around but you might have to hunt a bit, it's quite expensive and sometimes has all sorts of odd additives that stop it burning properly and clog up the jets and can provide you with some fuel information regarding some of the countries you had listed in question.We use a Trangia so are more aware of alcohol availability than other things, but will try to give other fuels where we know.

Kerosene is Petrooli in Finnish, and "Valo petrooli" is the stuff used in lanterns and stoves.Note: With the exception of Coleman fuel, all commonly available fuels from petrol stations and supermarkets are blended mixtures that vary in composition depending on the brand, the country and even the time of year (winter/summer). White gasoline is simply gasoline that contains no antiknock additives. This is what makes it safer to use in a stove or lantern.The shop that has had it, have probably bought it from Norway was someones explanation, but of course I can not verify that.I have succeded to buy a fuel that is almost the same as used in gaslighters, it is called "Shell erikoispuhdistettu bensiini 80 -110" (that could be translated as "Shell specially cleaned gasoline 80 - 110".

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