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Please read before u email us.interested in single men!!!! I only want to become the sissy cock slut faggot slave i know i am. College students who want to find a girl who will be in a relationship with us both in and out of the bedroom. so the confusion is stil there in chat hope you can help later Manny and Karahello beautiful ladies im on here looking for a bi female to parlay with me and my dude.Smooth, clean, 5ft9in tall 185lbs.totally submissive. Want a real man to possess me and take over my existence. Vanish from existence right now if you want to lock me up in your basement. if that is you and you are in or near the los angeles area please feel free to drop me a line or two i would love hear from you.My husband and I are not keen on the idea of admitting this desire to the general public.Thank you for opening this door of communication, we hope to at least chat with some interesting people that share this same frame of mind. Another would be very dominant females :) I'll be honest, I'm totally inexperienced (never been with a male), but am totally up for it. Each time a new cock slides into my ass it pushes out some of that wonderful semen. Looking to meet another Bi-curious/Bi BBW to share my first Bi experience. I believe that I have completed the transaction appropriately and will be mailing you the payment for .99 tomorrow. Both of us work a lot of hours and even though we are a good looking, hot couple, we are having difficulty meeting people with similar interest.That would be so exciting to have my ass totally filled with cum. I am very interested in touching, kissing and playing with another woman. This site is especially helpful when looking for another bi male. and many, living and living under the perpetual moon … and that his dark hatred – is vague feeling that he is behind …

This site is for adults only, you must be an adult over the age of 18 to use this web site.The no registration sex chat space is an experiment that we hope will give new people a chance to test the waters before they go through the process to become a registered member.For the public, no registration required free sex chat room click here.that is my nomber for my laptop caint get calls only text but if we click ill give you my cell number cool, hope to heare from you guys real soon:-PMaybe the resolution that all might find agreeable is to limit the types of pics that can be displayed in the general is after all a cyber free chat room and displaying those x rated pics can create problems and may make it more of a challenge for the mods to say its a cyber free zone when x rated pics are being displayed in chat. I think..I am absolutly looking to hook up with a totally bi-guy and some of your girls friends.

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