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Once tweens and teens start to surf the web more independently, though, its harder to keep track of what they’re doing online.

Social networking is more popular than ever — even underage kids are logging onto Facebook — and these kinds of sites are a big draw for kids.

But it has become far more scrutinised because of something else.

Below you’ll find what they are and why you should be concerned: Chatroulette: When users log on to Chatroulette, the can have 1-on-1 webcam chats with other users — no credit cards, passwords, or other hurdles to logging in.

But kids can also meet and “hook up” with people whose photos they rate, not realizing that the person pictured is not the person they are talking to or forgetting that ever important rule never to share personal contact information online.

Texts From Last Night: Teens who stumble across this site — where users post texts sent to them during the previous night — can be exposed to content containing profanity, information about drug use, and sex.

Mr Zuckerberg is one of the highest-profile security targets in the world – in real life as well as on the internet – and so what may appear to be paranoia is probably a sensible way of preserving privacy.

Mr Zuckerberg is far from the first person to worry about the power of the cameras that are watching us at all times.

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