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You also need to have had one of the reliving symptoms, three avoidance symptoms, and two arousal symptoms for more than three months.

Almost everyone feels a little nervous going into a new social situation, but when your extreme fear of being judged or viewed negatively by others prevents you from engaging socially, you may have a social anxiety disorder.

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Emergency workers, police officers, and even family members may also suffer from PTSD.

OCD typically occurs with depression or other anxiety disorders.

Phobias are characterized by an irrational fear of an object, animal, or situation that actually doesn't present a realistic danger.

Obsessive symptoms include the following: Individuals suffering from OCD find that their compulsions take on a life of their own, interfering with everyday activities.

You may want to stop these behaviors, but you can't.

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    These determine the child’s mental health and wellbeing.