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25), performing for the first time since undergoing hip surgery in February.Fox’s new Monday-night drama THE GIFTED is an original series set in the Marvel Comics Universe.

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He got much influenced and focused on the success of his career after the success of the Show Thew parenthood.

BELL: I was not a comic book guy, but I was always into all the cartoons, all the movies, all the toys. They’re just a family on the run, trying to survive.

I was always more into the toys than I was into [comic books], so I would make up my own stories. I guess it’s something you don’t really think of as an actor, but it just kind of happens, when you put on the uniform and you say the words that they give you, you kind of assume that power role.

And he told me about this project kind of early on.

He was saying, “I would love to have you involved if we can make it happen.” It’s not completely up to him or completely up to me.

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